Warren Partridge 👨🏻‍💻

Engineer at Google
Founder at Ocubrowse
Digital artist at my Instagram and my art website
Ex-organizer at BostonHacks, HackBeanpot, VaticanHacks, and others

About Me

Hi! I’m a site reliability engineer at Google and recent grad from Boston University.

These days, I’m working on improving my digital art and a SLAM-based virtual reality project.

While I was in college, I took two leaves of absence to intern at Google and fund my startup, Ocubrowse, respectively. I helped organized 9 university hackathons, joining the tech teams of 5 unique events. I was also president of BU’s largest mobile app development club, The Global App Initiative.

I have lots of interests outside of tech! If you like puzzles, philosophy, running, or digital painting, I’d love to chat.


My Projects

  • HireHose
    Internship Applier Chrome extension that eliminates the tedium of typing the same info into internship applications. Hackathon entry at [email protected] 2019.
  • OK Gamers
    Twitch Voice Assistant Voice assistant for Twitch streams that automates taking chat polls. Won 1st place at the TwitchCon Hackathon 2019.
  • AdSensible
    Targeted-Ad Confuser Chrome extension that lets you add yourself to any AdSense demographic of your choosing. Won 2nd place at HackRPI 2019 + two other awards.
  • Ocubrowse
    Eye-Tracking Chrome Extension Chrome extension that lets you browse the web using only your eyes. Hackathon entry at YHack 2018.
  • Datadrives.us
    Data Privacy Website Website that demonstrates how much data can be collected on a person just from them visiting a website. Grand prize winner at Hack the Heights 2018.
  • Dynamic Wall Art
    Dynamic Wall Art at the National Museum of Math Visualization of several mathematical algorithms on MoMath's motorized Dynamic Wall. My team won first place in our category and our work is currently on display at the museum!
  • NLP Financial Chatbot
    NLP Financial Chatbot React Native app that analyzes your Robinhood security holdings and responds to queries made in natural language. Award-winning hackathon entry at PennApps XVI and featured in an article by BlackRock's Chief Engineer, Jody Kochansky, Three "Hacks" That Could Change the World.
  • Current Website
    Current Portfolio Website The website you're viewing right now. Contains way lighter pictures (and way shorter load times!) than the previous site and is hosted via GitHub Pages.
  • Old Website
    Old Portfolio Website Old version of this website. Contains way bulkier pictures (and way longer load times!) than the current site and is still hosted via GitHub Pages.
  • Pact
    Habit-Building Mobile App React Native app that helps you build habits naturally through leveraging social accountability. Won $950 of funding from the BU Spark! entrepreneurship initiative.
  • Magic Mirror
    Computerized Mirror Raspberry Pi-powered mirror that displays live information like dates, times, upcoming calendar events, weather forecasts, and news headlines.
  • AR Navigation
    Augmented Reality-Based Navigation Mobile app that helps people navigate the city in a more intuitive way than traditional maps allow by projecting destination markers into the city in augmented reality. Hackathon entry at MIT's Reality, Virtually hackathon.
  • Light Alarm
    Automatic Light Alarm IoT alarm with Alexa integration and a web interface that helps people wake up naturally. It uses motors to gradually open your bedside curtains, let in natural light, and finally turn on an LED bulb and vibrator alarm. Hackathon entry at [email protected] 2018.
  • Laverna
    Anonymous SMS Platform Anonymous SMS chat channel that connects users one-on-one through a Twilio number and resets every 24 hours, hosted on a Flask server. Laverna's goal as a platform was to foster a university community that overlooks social presuppositions frequently caused by race, appearance, and gender.
  • Scavenger Glasses
    Scavenger Hunt Glasses Camera-equipped 3D-printed glasses that play a scavenger hunt game streamed to your phone. Hackathon entry at MakeMIT 2017.
  • Desktop Computer
    Desktop Computer Gaming PC I built in 8th grade and continue to maintain. I named it Marvin, after the existential robot from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Digital Art
    Digital Art Digital painting and some graphic design done using a Wacom Bamboo Splash (Photoshop CC + Illustrator CC) and an iPad Pro (Procreate + Graphic). Check out some of my digital work here.
  • GAI Design
    Designing The Global App Initiative Rebranding of a CS club I am president for at my university. I documented the design process I went through but haven't written up an article about it just yet. Coming soon.
  • TripAdvisor Project
    TripAdvisor Neural Network Project Matlab NN Toolbox project that correctly predicts booking activity on tripadvisor.com 82% of the time. Hackathon entry at the Brown Datathon 2017.
  • SnappeShop
    Camera-Based Shopping App Android app that lets you buy something on eBay by taking a picture of it. One of four winning entries at BU Local Hack Day 2016.
  • ASC
    Scalable CPU Parallelization Research Harvard University research that I contributed to in senior year of high school and later published a 32-page thesis about on Amazon. Instead of breaking up big CPU tasks into small CPU tasks at runtime, ASC tells one CPU core to do all the work and all remaining available cores to proactively predict and execute sections of that work.
  • Food Tracker
    Dining Plan Advisor Text-based Python app that compares Boston University dining plans and tells you how to make the most of your current plan based on your usage so far and the time left in the semester.
  • Doran's Bot
    Video Game Statistics Chatbot Interactive Discord chatbot that streams live info about League of Legends games, champion matchup statistics, and player availability.
  • Social Playlist
    Crowdsourced Music Playlist Web app written in MeteorJS that lets people at parties queue their music into a live playlist using their phone. Also has an auto-playlist mode that adjusts the tone of the music to match the emotion in the room. Hackathon entry at [email protected] 2017.
  • GitHub Workshop
    Interactive GitHub Workshop Interactive workshop to teach GitHub that I presented, subsequently adapted for use at SheHacks, the largest female and non-binary hackathon in the US. My repository has been forked 31 times.